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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
Yup. Perfect pairing bruschetta.

"I don't know which of those I want to tuck into first," he chuckled with the most modest of licks to his lower lips. Probably creamy tortellini though considering his thoughts were fixating on the word creamy now. "Can't go wrong with cozy. I did bring a couple smaller blankets in case it got too chilly." The weather this time of year did have that tendency to be unpredictable his toes had been a bit twitchy this morning. Hopefully it would stay pleasant as predicted.

Before all that though, a long overdue hug. Obviously.

It hadn't been too long, certainly not as long as between school terms or Hogsmeade weekends once he had graduated, but they were both busy individuals. He tried to make matches when he could too, though not nearly as many as he wished he could attend. All this to say that while it had not been all that long between the last time he had seen Mamie, his embrace was warm and tight like it had been - it was just really nice to see people and stay connected, you know? "You never know," he chuckled while rubbing her arms with his palms as he leaned back a bit. "Maybe you are too famous to accept hugs from a brute like me."

Brute only in that he was bulking up thanks to all that manual labor he did on the ranch.

"Shall we?" Cooper grinned softly with a couple of jabs of the thumb towards the picnic blanket and their spread of homemade goodies.
It felt like it had been a long time, and Margaret didn't see her non-Quidditch, non-family friends nearly as much as she'd have liked. One eyebrow flew up as Cooper called himself a brute...she didn't think anyone, himself included, would ever think that an applicable adjective for him. She didn't want to comment on his physique and hurt his self image in any way, though, so she just chuckled slightly. "Never," she said, her voice more sincere than her laughter.

"We shall!" At Cooper's suggestion, she took up a seat on the picnic blanket, rubbing her hands together as she peered around at their spread. "Chicken and dumpling soup first?" she suggested. It being lighter than the tortellini soup, she thought they'd be able to eat more soup that way. She patted the picnic blanket spot next to her, so Cooper would sit down too. "And maybe that bruschetta?"
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