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Originally Posted by Calloway
As if on cue, Calloway YAWNNNED just as a woman sat down across from him. Chuckles a little, nodding as he rubbed his sleepy eyes. "Yeah, just a bit. Unless that was an insult and you're saying I look like rubbish," he added with a joking grin.

"Work keeping you up? Or something else?" he asked. Why not engage in a little bit of small talk with a random stranger? It was something he'd been doing more and more as he got older. Because, as it turns out, Elsa was one of his only friends and without her around to distract him, he was lonely.
Peering into her cup of tea, watched as the sugar cube she’d dropped in slowly dissolved. tiny inch by tiny inch until only a peek of white was left. only then, did she drop in the other. stretching her neck left, then right, Aslan looked at the young man as if he had appeared suddenly, as if she had not opened the conversation herself. He was younger than her, with slightly downturned eyes and a smile that had a ruefulness to it. despite his handsomeness, he had the air of someone unused to others.

aslan was not unused to other people. she just moved at her own pace. spoke in her own way. and it never seemed to align. Waving a hand over her tea, the silver spoon stirred. “I wouldn’t insult you.” she wouldn’t insult anyone. If she disliked someone she ignored them.

it had not yet clicked that he had been joking. aslan sipped her tea, both hands wrapped around the mug so the warmth could ground her. Dark eyes surveying him. aslan had only learned small talk in their latest years- it had not come easily but work made it necessary occasionally- this was small talk. She eased back into her chair, and into the conversation. “My child. They were up all night sick, so i was up all night with them.” and it was not doing her any favors.

and then it clicked. “you were joking earlier.” right.

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