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Truthfully, Mouse couldn't even imagine the stress and work and all of the things that came along with being Headmaster. Particularly this term where they had such a large event planned, one which she was very excited to be an option this term so that she could get her own direction for post Hogwarts. But the glimpse of inside his office with all of that paperwork was... a lot. No wonder this was not an every year occurrence!

Turning her attention to the Headmaster, she gave him a small smile and a nod of her head in a respectful greeting. "Hello, sir. I'm sorry to bother you when you're so busy." Another look back towards the desk before back to the Headmaster. "I went down to the kitchens earlier and noticed someon- well... something slashed the portrait of the fruit. It looks like claw marks but... I heard some giggling when I was headed that direction, but I couldn't see anything." Was there anything else she needed to include? "I just figured I should let you know." And maybe also hoped it was an easy fix because.. she was still kind of hungry too.

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