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Default boooooo, this would have been a funny dinner to rp Desiree! XD
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She would never admit to embarrassment, perhaps she couldn't even entirely acknowledge the feeling considering Mitsuki did live 1000% authentically herself regardless of opinions (mostly), but there was an incredibly unsatisfactory tingle that spread through her and caused her heart to beat almost unbearably fast. Uncertain where the miscommunication had occurred or how logic had been blinded, she had nearly glared at Mercer. Whatever it was was hardly quelled as Desiree suggested a single cookie for her dinner while she used her time more efficiently shopping. It was perplexing and the Ravenclaw chose to ignore further analysis.

For now, she had a tree induced explosions to attend to.

Originally Posted by MadAlice View Post
The Tree was indeed docile enough, until it felt the touch of magic. Then the pumpkin-pods next to the severed fruit suddenly split open and shot their squishy seeds in the direction of the disturbance.
Mess was the point.

Ironically, exploding pods and flying soft squishy seeds felt like an efficient way of catching seeds. Particularly since they were already equipped with the Freezing Charm and the professor's affirmation that the seeds were no threat once an explosion had occurred.

Her wand already at the ready and with superior reflexes, Mitsuki neglected her shield and flicked her wand towards a couple of seeds that were zipping through the air towards her. "Immobulus," she spoke as if soothing a frightened creature. The seeds immediately before her froze in place save for a slow roll as they came to a complete stop. It was regretful that her spell had not ceased all propelled seeds' movements, but there were still enough set adrift in the air for a plentiful harvest. There was also a seed or two that had stuck to her thick black boots, but she did not notice those just yet. Seeds plucked from the air and into her satchel, she continued forward towards the tree and repeated the Freezing Charm once again - on the actual tree this time.

There was a little bit of sticky residue on her goggles...perhaps a little something on her cheek as well. Pity she was too focused on the task at hand and not looking at certain people to do anything about either.

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