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Originally Posted by MadAlice View Post
Immobulus is the magic word that will make this Tree be still, and still it is, and should remain so while it's being harvested.
Sweet mercy.

The tree froze, making Charlie one happy Hufflepuff. Any residual fear that lurked in his chest went bye-bye. This meant that he could do the harvesting now. Would it be okay if Keigh worked with him and they harvested together? Or did DeVries want everyone to really freeze the tree on their own? Yes, Char was still being a protective boyfriend. He was quite tempted to motion to Keighley to come up to the tree with him. Then he remembered: the girlfriend was a determined one and would appreciate trying to get things done on her own. Uh huh. This is exactly what she would say.

“Diffindo.” With the same firmness and intent in his voice, Char cast the Severing Charm on a chosen pod. He aimed to work quickly, not wanting to stall the process of his classmates having a go at their own harvesting. The pod cut open quite easily, leaving Charlie to have a pretty easy time in scooping out the seeds {after swapping out the shield and his wand}. Feeling pleased with himself, every seed was removed then carefully placed in the pouch. Once done, he backed away with his shield in place from the tree. Backed away since he didn’t trust it to come unfrozen and shoot seeds at his retreating back.
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