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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post

She was quite flexible and there was a limbo-like game that was played at ballet practices on the occasion. She was not consistently the victor but still held her own and lasted until the top 10 or 5 members rather consistently. They could possibly work on his own handsome troll flexibility another time.

Light on her toes as ever, it was a walking race that she could easily win if she so desired but she was far more interested in keeping in stride with David so that they could arrive together. And when they did, with mere minutes to spare it would seem, she looked up curiously at him as they walked along the back row for seats with a good view. "...what reason is that?"

Pausing her step for a moment, Delilah looked ahead at the stage and decided that this seemed to be a good spot. "Is here okay?"
Handsome troll flexibility sounded like a phrase that should never be uttered again. Since all three words together don't seem to work together. No troll was handsome and also flexible. Ok maybe thinking too much on that when there were better things to think about.

Has David not mentioned yet today that he loved it when she asks innocent questions like that? Even if maybe more these days she was just playing along. It was still a lot of fun.

"The reason is we can make some noise and distract ourselves doing some naughty things and not have to worry about anyone hearing us or caring"

but in this scenario, he was more than happy holding her hand how lewd , and watching some trolls.

" You picked the best seats we could get at the last minute I have no complaints"

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