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Originally Posted by Charely Potter View Post

Perhaps Curtis did have an ego of that of a balloon. Easily expandable yet also quick to disrupt.. to some individuals he would reserve revealing such identities to. Ahem. Despite that, he couldn't help but admire how much Sadie befitted her surname as one who could or convincingly pretend to Kareless on his being and feelings. And he liked that. Alot.

"Certainly, but if I do, I'll make sure it's the good side of my back you'll notice," Giving her a wink as he held up the shrunken skull who decided to comment on his choice of words. Whatever it said it fell upon Curtis' selectively deaf ears as he readied the shot. Just for show, he tried to do a manly strut, before letting the skull roll on.. and on... and... 1... 2... 3.. 4...

Well, 4 pins was better than none going down.

"That was just a warm up," Curtis turned on the spot with his usual smirk as he awaited her turn. Which he did his best to not widen into a smile as she put him in his place. No comparing allowed. "Why not? Both tend to compete for the other from my point of view. But if you insist..." It was so incredibly, well, warm. Very warm. "Brains, beauty, and strength... It's not every day I get to admit this to someone who embodies all that," It was actually quite rare these few years. But he wasn't fishing for pity at the moment.

"Oh yeah?" Was it only flora that attracted her to the shop he worked at. "You sure you not after my secret friends and family discount I give you, or the sight of yours truly?" Teasing was... too hard to resist. "Not that I would mind, you'd be my favorite customer for knowing what you're talking about discussing herbology," Among other reasons, ahem.

It also had been a while since he was appropriately critiqued, "You got me, it's all an act to get you to like me," Curtis was almost as shocked as anyone who previously knew of him on his reaction. Not a drip of sarcasm in that tone. "Cool, you think you'd ever get back into tournaments? For fun and all," As for his interests, "Well, you already know of my gardening. I was learning Capoeira for some time, but cut back since working like you. Had a dormmate in Uni that was an expert and they got me into trying it out since its a fun way in learning defense." But for other hobbies, "Sometimes I help at my Dad's doggy daycare when I visit, and we also play video games with my other Papa. He was muggle born so I grew up with a lot of muggle artifact knowledge."
Was he for real?

If she had not encountered numerous other knuckleheaded males who were all about showing their 'good' sides, Sadie may actually have found Curtis to be a phenomenon. She rolled her eyes and promptly decided that she did not want to dignify that attempted at peacocking with any further acknowledgement nor consideration for the 40 muscles doing the most in his back to shoulder that ego of his. No wonder he had broad shoulders and sturdy arms.

"Mmmhmm...I see," she mused, not entirely convinced but also amused all the same. "You know you get to go two times before it's my turn, right?" she followed up with a slight brow raise as he seemed to be looking at her expectantly. "I'm not going to pick up your spare for you." her thinking and this she entirely blamed on Delaney who had further instilled the thrill of gambling in her. Everyone just needed to ignore how she already was the subject of a couple of rings when it came to kick boxing. "And if you make that spare...I won't roll my eyes at the next compliment you give me, no matter what it is." Fair stakes, yeah? She did tend to dodge his flirtatious words as though they were bludgers and she a professional beater (which would have been her position of choice had she any long term interest in quidditch). She even offered her hand to shake on it. "You can add thoughtful to the list of qualities," she added as one last deflection in spite of the rosy hue to her cheeks.

Sadie tossed her shrunken head idly back and forth between her hands and would have been cross about this talk of special treatment when she remembered she was a university student in pre-healing studies who was working more shifts at the Leaky Cauldron than she ought to to cover all of her expenses...and she was not daft enough to bite the hand that was feeding her. Or, rather, the hand that was providing her with supplies for her hobby and livelihood. "You got me, the discount is an incredibly enticing reason," she teased right back as she rested the head on her knee. "Maybe next time I can further exploit this arrangement and you can take me to the back room so I can have a look at the flora and supplies not yet muddied up and manhandled by other patrons?" She was joking...half joking. Maybe only an eighth joking.

That sort of response, the one that actually felt genuine for once, was not what she had been expecting and it took her aback briefly. Enough so that she dropped her shrunken head on the ground, face first, and it had several colorful things to say about that. "And that act of has that been working out for you up to now?" she replied coyly and with some exaggerated fluttering of her lashes. She shrugged when he asked about tournaments, not something she was going to delve into, and picked her head back up. "Maybe someday. Hard to find all that much time between university work and part-time work. I'm waking up at 5 am most days just to get a morning jog in." Morning jobs alternating with Lio or Olivier, though there were those mornings she also spent on her own - for the peace and quiet. "Capoeira...really?" she inquired, clearly intrigued by this news as well as...surprised. Curtis, while fit, had come across as quite lazy to her and Capoeira was anything but that. "I've delved into a bit of that myself, actually. As a hobby and nothing terribly serious. Assuming you don't throw your back out here today...we should spar sometime." Also surprising was how he helped at a dog day care. "Do the dogs like you?" You could tell a lot about a person based on how dogs responded to them and they to their cute furry paws. "[b]Pops is a dog agility and show trainer...also dabbles in breeding. I grew up surrounded by boarder collies and rough collies, actually. Pops is the one who inspired me to get into Herbology because of his love for gardening and landscaping...he is a muggle, you see.[b]" Realizing they they both had two days was another unexpected bit of information and against her better judgement felt herself softening a bit more. "Can't say I have played many video for at the arcade...but I used to repair vintage muggle sports cars with Dad and Di Di, my brother. Sienna and I mostly tinkered around with Di Di since Dad was rare to come by...even before the divorce." Now...he was almost just some concept existing elsewhere. She could barely even remember the last time she had seen the man and her face fell for the smallest of moments while she considered this before she pulled herself back together and almost literally wiped the vulnerability from her face with her hand. "So...if there is something you may actually have a shot at beating me games may be the way to go."

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