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Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post

The youngest Bergstrand kiddo did know, Keigh. He truly did, so he nodded in reassurance. Teasing her as he might be, Charlie knew that sometimes one other half needed serious reassurance. Oh, haha! You had all the jokes, Keighley Morgan Anders! But there was truth to those words: his love for cupcakes was too much; Char could easily raid the basket and consume them all.

“My instinct tells me exactly that.” Just as he would always trust her. Once Keigh was a fair way home, Charlie too began his ascent. It was easy to hook the basket on the crook of his arm while doing so, hence his decision not to go ahead using magic to make it float alongside them.

But all Char’s mind was on was cupcakes. Here’s to hoping Keigh had packed a lot. And that he and she were almost at an ideal platform.
It was true. As much as she did know that he knew this. His reassurance was much appreciated in that moment. Even with their constant silliness, being in a relationship such as theirs.. sometimes.. things tended to mess with her head. Due to no fault of his, Liv's or hers. Things just happened sometimes. Not today though, today, Char got a bright smile from her along with a laugh. She knew all too well of his love of cupcakes.

"I should think that they would. You always seem to have fairly good instincts." At least where food was concerned hehe. She was sure there was nothing to worry about in him getting the basket safely up onto one of the platforms.

As long as she got one cupcake, he could have the rest and she wouldn't mind one bit. Yes, she liked spoiling her boyfriend. Reaching what she thought was a good spot in the tree she moved back onto the platform so Char could join her. "How's this?"
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