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Originally Posted by oh its Erik ok View Post
Some nice pancakes or waffles with some french coffee. Sounds like a winning combo to David. But well David would have a hard time leaving the bed to get that started so maybe in his dreams. Please no tomato face. He was trying to save that for later when they were not hurrying to see some Trolls.

"My worries are gone. Thank You so much. the bar maybe low but i have cleared it"

At least he got her flustered. So win for him. Lets not talk about how easily he can make it happen. Please and Thank You. Its adorable she thought it was because of her feet and not him messing with her. Not to mention she was lighter than his book bag. If he wasnt using magic to make it lighter.

"Pick you up and run to the are never a burden....also good to know about ur feet...its ok i'm just joking tho we should speed walk there since i dont want to miss a thing"

He says before bringing up a hand and kisses the back of her hand quickly.
It took her a moment, clearing bars was not a phrase she heard all that often when it was not in relation to athletics, but she understood the sentiment and offered him another cheek peck. "With ease," she added for additional, and hopefully unnecessary, reassurance.

She still wore socks more often than not, though David was privy to the rare occasion in which she took them off. Something that had happened completely subconsciously and by the time she had realized it happened...she also realized that it was not something she felt as self conscious about. At least not when it was just David around...even if her feet still had their deformities and fair share of minor injuries.

Blushing, her hand tingling and sending a shiver all the way from the back of her palm to nape of her neck, she smiled and nodded her head in agreement. "A speed walk then. Surely there will at least be seats in the back we can slip into."

And with that decided, she took her first couple of steps forward before glancing back at him with a sweet but mischievous smile before continuing her strides with just a bit more vigor.

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