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Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post

Of course she did!

And of course there was that cute little giggle. “Don’t you trust my strong Beater arms?” Charlie joked lightly. Aside from Will and Den, Keighley was one of the handful of those that he loved being fully silly with. With them, he never worried about making the wrong joke. But he simply loved how much the girlfriend was always there looking out for him.

One aspect of her personality that was wonderful? The way she was able to dish jabs right back at him. “Usch! You’re onto my motive!’’ Laughing, he hung the basket on the crook of his right arm and prepared to follow the younger Hufflepuff up. “It’s okay, I can manage.” Was Char trying to impress Keighley with his athleticism as usual?


* Usch = 'ugh' in Swedish
* Ja = 'yes' in Swedish
Always trying to think ahead!

Just for him today. "You know that I do." He was one of the few people that she would always trust with anything. But when it came to being silly, well that was something else entirely. She was one of those people that was always happy and with that came a naturally silly fun side. Char need not ever worry, she would always be there for him.

"If I didn't trust you, you wouldn't be allowed anywhere near that basket," she teased him. Keigh was always good for tossing back a joke or two of her own when the mood struck for it. "I'm always onto you, Char!" Giggling, she smiled down at him. Waiting a moment or two before continuing the climb up the tree.

Ahem, this girl was always impressed with him.
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