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Originally Posted by oh its Erik ok View Post
David was in fact not a history of magic major if that was not obvious from everything about him. He was an engineering major. Which might be worse?

Oh no, the pamphlet was going away. That meant things were getting serious. And look at that he will count not being negative as a win and he got a cheek kiss out of it. Now clubbing was a subject for them to talk about at a more serious time. But knowing them it will happen with both of them in bed and they are both exhausted and making important decisions.

"As long as you think I'm more attractive than a troll. I can live with that while also being worse at ballet than them"

Making his way with her toward the trolls. Oh he looks at his phone. Since all it was good for right now was being a watch. She was of course right like usual and he gave a sigh. It was his fault for being a lazy walker.

"Want me to princess carry you there. Might be the fastest way?"

No them running would be but where was the fun in that!
Engineering was such a foreign concept to Delilah that it only made her admire David more. It seemed so fantastically complicated. She was not particularly gifted when it came to mathematics, so anyone who showed mastery over the subject was awe-inspiring.

Bed or perhaps on the balcony over some breakfast and coffee. She had just purchased a French Press for the flat so that they could elevate their coffee experience. Even if she had to really regulate her intake and not over do it. When she was within that sweet spot of caffeine, it actually benefited her performance ability. in bed? Best not think on this too long or else she would turn into a tomato again.

"Of course I do," she laughed and gave his chest a couple of soft pats as they walked. "You are very handsome." No offense to the trolls, of course.

"Do I want you to...what? Carrying me? Wouldn't that be a terrible burden to you? Besides, my feet are quite mended now. I can manage...even if we took it at a bit of a jog...or even a sprint?" Her arm unraveled from around his so she could dance her fingers down his arm and over the back of his hand, upon which she gingerly turned it so they were palm to palm and slipped her fingers in the gaps between his.

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