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Which came first, the phoenix or the flame?

Brandon did not see the joke. While he knew that he hadn't done anything, he always got in trouble for no reason or because someone didn't like him. Was this one of those times? He looked very faint, and then greatly relieved when it turned out to be a joke. Secretly, he was irritated. But he said nothing to show it.

"I think," he hypothesized to the people gathered, "that it was probably someone inside of Hogwarts or the forbidden forest who did it. Also, I think that either they have a big plan in mind of it was a one-off when they were mad." Neither seemed that unlikely here... was there going to be another tree incident? He picked Anna's flowers up off the floor, offering them back to her. "I think that it's probably not a werewolf at the wrong tree." He hesitated. "You never know though," he added lamely, not wanting to spoil the fun if she was joking. "It could be."

He looked at Solomon blankly. They were not discussing going into the forbidden forest. This was serious!!! "Maybe we should get a teacher."
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