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The boys reaction was exactly what Solomon had hoped for, causing the most mischievous smirk to grace his lips. “Don’t lie.” He wiggled his finger, all authoritative-like. “I saw you with my own eyes.” Really, he didn’t intend on pushing the joke for too long, as the little kid was clearly stressing about what had happened. Solly stepped closer, and crouched to inspect the soil and the turned up grass.

Hmm… I wonder if the tree has been vandalised by bandits.” Although he was sure that bandits couldn’t get through the castle walls, he quite fancied himself a manhunt to find the perpetrators. Solly looked back to the boy. “I was only kidding, by the way, I didn’t see you do anything.” He chuckled but his tone was kind.

Solly stood back up after sniffing a pinch of soil that he had picked up with his finger and thumb, leaving a few specks on his outer nostrils. Then, as if by magic, the most perfect person to have turned up for this type of adventure arrived. Anna! She certainly would be up for anything. “Really? A werewolf?” Solomon was PUZZLED by the idea of something so dangerous being out so plain sight.

I think it was bandits. Outlaws!!! Broken through the castles defences. We were just discussing going to look for them in the Forbidden Forest, weren’t we?” Solomon gestured to the boy who Anna had identified as BRAAAAAAANDON. However, if Anna’s theory of it being a werewolf’s doing, then perhaps not the best idea.

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