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Default HI BRANDON & SOLOMON *glomp attacks* - Anna
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Anna had been out and about on the grounds for a bit (Health and Wellness Club exercising!) and then she had decided that she really wanted to collect wildflowers to press and she had been doing such for a fair bit now and had a hefty bouquet in her hand. A bouquet that was too pretty to press, she decided, so instead she may just hand them out to people as she skipped about the grounds.

Skipping was precisely what she had been doing when she stumbled upon two of her favorite people (she had a lot of favorites but that was totally allowed!) and the desire to hand out flowers only intensified.

"BRAAAAAAANDON! SOLOMOOOOON!" she called from a distance, completely unaware and obtuse to the pseudo tension between them and the disasterous scene she was about to stumble upon. "Pick a colo----" And then she finally saw what they were seeing - having rose colored tinted vision was a complicated thing sometimes, you know? All her flowers suddenly dropped to the grass so her hands could fly to either of her cheeks and squish them. "Oh my DAYS! Do you think its true? There is a werewolf and they are trying to get to the Shrieking Shack through the secret passage under the Whomping Willow but because of their poor vision they mistook the climbing tree for the Whomping Willow and lashed out in frustration at it?!" Yes, it was said as if this had been a rumor floating around for DAYS and not something that just suddenly came to her on the spot. "It's okay though! We can fix its boo boos!"

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