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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
The cute little bow from the bow had Keigh giggling softly right away. It was always the little things that could make her the happiest. "Well of course I did! You didn't think I would let you go lugging around a super heavy basket, would you?" No, she would not! Even if only for a short distance there was no reason for it. Especially when they were going to be hoisting the basket up into the tree with them.

"You got it!" The blonde readily agreed without hesitation. A picnic up in a tree. Now this was certainly a first for this Hufflepuff. "You only want me to go first so you know where to climb so you won't fall," Keighley teased him with a soft laugh. She knew this wasn't at all true and Charlie was only being his adorable sweet self as always.

Giving a quick glance up at the tree first, Keigh then began the climb. Using the little knots and nooks in the trunk of the tree to get her up onto the first branch. "Do you want to pass the basket up to me or should we just levitate it up once we get up there?"

Of course she did!

And of course there was that cute little giggle. “Don’t you trust my strong Beater arms?” Charlie joked lightly. Aside from Will and Den, Keighley was one of the handful of those that he loved being fully silly with. With them, he never worried about making the wrong joke. But he simply loved how much the girlfriend was always there looking out for him.

One aspect of her personality that was wonderful? The way she was able to dish jabs right back at him. “Usch! You’re onto my motive!’’ Laughing, he hung the basket on the crook of his right arm and prepared to follow the younger Hufflepuff up. “It’s okay, I can manage.” Was Char trying to impress Keighley with his athleticism as usual?


* Usch = 'ugh' in Swedish
* Ja = 'yes' in Swedish
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