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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post

The amount of time that Keigh would spend with him was endless, if she could. Though this could be said about pretty much anyone she spent time with. She was a people
person after all.

Hearing her name, Keigh froze in place, a bright smile on her face. "Charmander!" she giggled, holding out the basket for him to take without argument. "It's not that heavy even though I did make sure to pack it rather well for the afternoon." Which is a good thing too since he had just finished up with a Quidditch practice he was bound to be hungry! "Do you want to sit beneath the tree or climb up onto one platforms and eat there?"

Char, being the goofy person that he was, gave his girlfriend a little bow then took the basket. Indeed the object was not heavy and he took a quick peek inside. “But there’s so much in here! Did you put the Feather Light Charm on this?” It was exactly the thing this thoughtful girl would do. Charlie closed the flap of the basket, quite looking forward to the feast that awaited the pair.

Char pondered for only a second. “Let’s head to a platform. It’ll be nice to have a view to go along with the picnic.” Sure the seventh year would have just had a view from being in the air at the pitch but it wasn’t as though he could have paid too much attention to it. Not when practice had been the sole reason he had been out there in the first place. “After you, my lady,’’ Charlie said, doing another little bow.
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