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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Keighley might not have been in the best of moods since arriving back at Hogwarts but she was trying. Everything just felt so different without Jude around now that he had graduated. Thankfully she had mirror calls, lots of letters sent by owl and many people to help cheer her up.

Today was a Charlie and her day. As many hours as they could possibly devote to one another without getting sick of each other. KIDDING! Keigh loved spending time with him, so much so that she had swung by the kitchen to fill up a small basket with some snacks and things for the day. There might even be a thermos or two full of hot cocoa in there along with a few of the toppings she knew he liked best. Ahem, don't mind her for going a bit out of her way sometimes.

Now all the sixteen year old had to do was wait for the boyfriend to get here.

These two getting tired of each other?


Charlie had made sure that his Quidditch practice with his fellow U17 Scottish Beater, Archie, wrapped up in time to give him time to head back to the Castle to freshen up before his and Keigh’s date. It was a perfect day out and he really loved that he got to be out and about so much today. After all, the youngest Bergstrand child was the outdoorsy type. He always had been.

“Keigh!’’ Charlie called out the moment he saw her. Grinning, he jogged to catch up, his damp dark brown hair falling over his forehead. “Hi. Your Charmander’s at your service now.” This meant he was going to help carry that basket which a hand was now being held out for.
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