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Indigo was always happy to meet other people in England who spoke French. It didn't happen too often, and when it did it always made him feel a bit more at home. It was for that reason, among others, that he had been happy to keep in touch with Darius since the two had met in London. One of the other reasons was that Darius was pretty and Indigo was a shameless flirt.

He was the one who had suggested dinner, and they'd landed on the Leaky Cauldron mostly for convenience. Indigo headed there after work, grateful that it was a Friday and the start of a weekend. His brain felt a bit mushy after the concentration he'd put in to his current project all week. He could definitely use a break. When he arrived at the Leaky Cauldron he decided to nab a table first before it got too busy, and they could grab something to eat once Darius arrived.
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