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Originally Posted by Lottiepot View Post
The weather had not been kind today and Aurora’s plans to spend a couple of hours outside in the grounds has been ruined by the rain. Instead she had found herself wandering the hallways of the school trying to find something to do so, or rather someone to talk to about absolute nonsense. She had finished her homework for that week in the morning leaving the afternoon free for the choosing. Whether her homework was correct was another matter but for now she didn’t exactly care.

She found her way along the first floor corridor where she came across the large collection of portraits hung on the wall. They had always intimidated her a little as they seemed to watch her every move and listen to her every word. Not that Aurora did anything against the rules to get in trouble with but still..

She stopped next to a particular portrait which she squinted her eyes suspiciously at.
After many outdoor plans of his were ruined due to the dreary weather, Solomon found himself lost situated in the room of portraits. It wasn’t ideal, as groups of them gave Solomon the creeps, although this time it wasn’t too immediately scary as somebody else was here before him. Solly grinned as he saw an opportunity for some old fashioned revenge, remembering the girl who was watching a portrait had jump!scared him in Diagon Alley.

“BOO!” He bellowed from behind Aurora, suddenly quieting and looking up as he was worried about angering the portraits.

“Hi, sorry.” He whispered to them, before returning a menacing smile towards Aurora. “There, now we’re even.” He informed her.

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