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Excuse him.

Big brothers had their moments too. If Keigh recalled correctly there had been many times when he had wanted to be alone and she had left him be until he was ready for all the many many cuddles and squishes she had been able to give afterwards. Along with soft chats and tears.

At any other time the blonde wouldn't have been bothered by Jude's laughter. In fact she would've joined in and flailed all the more, maybe even trying to tickle him back at some point. This evening was NOT one of those times. She was very much not at all in the mood for this.

Keigh didn't stop Jude from moving to join her on the seat but she hadn't expect him to rub her feet. The teen allowed it for a few short brief moments before she sat up, shifting herself around so she could collapse into her brothers side, wrapping both of her arms around him and tucking her face into his shoulder. Don't mind her while she sat here like this for a bit.

Maybe if she held onto him tightly enough he couldn't leave her.
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