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Geeze boys could be so touchy sometimes. It was a good thing she hadn't said anything out loud. If she had though, what Aryan needed to understand was that she hadn't meant anything bad by it. Sometimes she simply liked being silly. Didn't he know this by know? Silly was part of her personality, just like being loud was. Really though? Realllllly? Her eyesight was perfectly fine! She had A+++ sight to see what an adorable boyiefwiend she had, didn't she?

As for the rest of the stuff in the shop, well it was rather cool. This ten year old was going to do her bestest to restrain herself and keep her little hands in the pockets of her shorts and NOT touch anything else. Yep, no touching so as not to break stuff.

She really didn't get why everyone thought she was such a handful of a child. She was being a good girl today.
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