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Why his friend was persistent in eating chocolate bars in the middle of summer was a mystery to him. He himself preferred chocolate ice cream in such weather. But to each their own. There were many antics about himself that Logan couldn't explain. Such things included being interested in things he hadn't really cared about before, hanging out with someone without feeling the need to toss out troll insults every few minutes, and not wanting to test the waters of the fountain on a day like today. It just was what it was.

But the current location he was in seemed quite promising. Quite literally everything he could ever need was here, at least from what he could think of at the top of his head at the present moment. There were games, there was food, and his best friend was right at his side. There were even shrunken heads that were sure to teach them a new insult or two to use later. All truly was well.

"Fair enough," Logan chuckled. "Well, I picked the place. That means you have to pick the food." And then it was game time!

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