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[B]Name: Felix
[B]Location: Nevada USA
[B]Age (only if you want to say): 15!
[B]Hobbies & Interests: Reading and drawing
[B]Favorite band/musician: alec bengermin [ i dont know how to spell- ]and Dojo Cat
[B]Favorite food:cheese
[B]Fave non-HP movie: 2012
[B]Fave HP book: Goblet of Fire
[B]Fave HP movie: the philosophers stone [ cuase they be babies hehe ]
[B]Fave character(s) and why:
if talking antagonist draco Malfoy, cuase.. i actually really dont know-
talking about Side charaters Collin Creevey, oh hes so cute, i simply cannot see him as an adult, i love himm
talking about the main trio Ron, i love him hes very clumsy, and relatable,

[B]Anything else:
i write fanfiction, and i wanna become a full time artist <33
also Hedric forever
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