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Originally Posted by Zoe View Post
As good of a time it was to aimlessly wander around the alley, window shop, and maybe poke a toe in Knockturn Alley, the summer heat really did get to a guy at times. Today Logan was not a fan of the heat, and all he wanted to do was jump into the fountain. As tempting as it was, he knew something with tentacles lived in it. He was not in the mood to explore that mystery today.

That raised the question of what he and Vasco could do on such a day in Diagon Alley, one that wouldn't result in death from heat stroke or being eaten by a hag or kidnapped by a dark wizard. So where could they hang out that had multiple things to do and food? It took some mulling over. After a while, the idea hit them like a Knight Bus: the bowling alley.

"Do you wanna get some grub? Or should we get in a bowling game or chill in the arcade a bit first?" the blond asked his best friend the moment they walked in.
When a guy couldn't eat a chocolate bar without it melting all over his hands, it was too hot outside. It was such a shame too because, chocolate was not something to mess around with. And when he didn't get the proper amount of daily chocolate well.. that made him slightly irritable. Which was a shame because as of lately he was doing rather well with that. Being moody that is. He was also being a touch more social and not hiding out in his room constantly this summer or hiding from Vera. Maybe he was growing up.. or maybe she wasn't being as annoying. Whatever the reason he was in DA without looking over his shoulder every other second or decking into alleyways to keep away from her. All was well.

There was always the simple fact that he wasn't alone today either. At his side was the best mate. And he had left it up to Logan to figure out where they were going to end up this time, sorry bro. At least they had ended up somewhere that had cold air?

"How is that is a question?" Vasco grinned, nudging Logan lightly with his elbow. Obviously they needed some food before they did anything else. Brain fuel and all that.
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