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She wasn't really sure what all she was looking for as she flipped through the pages, though she did briefly wonder how things could have been were she to have pursued quidditch with a bit more vigor. Her and Sam would have been on opposing teams at Hogwarts, different houses and such, and while she had wanted to be a keeper like dad...she didn't have the build for it. Likely would have needed to train for seeker like her mum had done once upon a time. "I like this plan," she smiled encouragingly as she found some training schedules in the magazine and was reminded that she had been haphazardly looking for them before her thoughts had distracted her. "Will you be embarrassed if I paint my face for it?" she asked with a small laugh. "Or can I paint yours to match?"

She took her quidditch cheering quite seriously.

"Looks like there is a friendly for the Wanderers coming up against a team from the French league...want to see if we can catch it?" she asked while showing him the page and pointing to the date. "I bet your coach and team would like to see you after." Or before, depended on when they got to the stadium.

"I could eat something," she nodded. "I feel like something sweet...maybe we could split a sundae?" She could never quite finish an entire one on her own.

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