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Default The Climbing Tree

Graphic credit: Felixir

Standing squarely in the middle of an otherwise featureless lawn is an immense oak tree with sprawling, high-reaching branches, its foliage thick and rich with natural colour, depending on the time of year. The tree is taller than it has any right to be, and seems ideal for climbing. That is, indeed, what your benevolent groundskeeper had in mind when he grew it.

The very lowest branches jut out six feet or so above the ground, but if you can't reach or haul yourself onto these, there are little nooks and conveniently located knots in the trunk to get you started. Up in the higher branches, you'll find platforms and maybe a basic treehouse structure or two, but the real fun to be had is in traversing the tree itself.

Climbing tree though it is, this area also serves as a pleasant meeting place, the vast canopy of leaves providing plenty of shade in the summer months. A plank swing dangles from one of the lower branches, and a tyre swing from another.

It's pretty difficult to confuse this tree with the Whomping Willow. For starters, you're in an entirely different part of the grounds. Not to mention, the climbing tree is an oak, and (presumably) won't maim you for trying to climb it. All the same, you're expected to treat this place with respect. Don't act like a fool, especially when you're high up in the tree. If you do happen to fall, the slowing and softening charms in place around this area will kick in, and you will come to no great harm.

Do as you please here, as long as its within school rules. Relax. Have fun. Go wild.

But maybe not too wild. Javier doesn't have any medical training, after all.