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Maybe Aurora had overreacted a tiny bit as the tiny Gnome had chosen her as its target but the Ravenclaw had decided that hiding behind Professor Hernandez was where she was going to remain for the rest of the session because as the Groundskeeper it was HIS job to protect her, right? The Gnomes were less likely to attack her when she was stood behind someone much taller and much more intimidating than her petite, 4’5, blonde self. Aurora would make a great snack for a magical creature and now a near fear had been unlocked. She had decided that she was no longer going to participate in this activity, mostly because she had thrown her dragon hide gloves at the gnomes in an attempt to warn them off and therefore had no form of protection from her tiny little fingers from being bitten off by evil Gnomes!

That was until Brandon had come to her rescue and the Ravenclaw gave her fellow first year a little grateful wave and poked her head out from her hiding spot. Unlike the other students, Brandon had decided to be much more careful in his handling of the Gnomes and was placing them over the fence rather than hurling them like they had been instructed. “You’re being too nice!” the firstie directed at him just before the Gnome sunk its teeth into his finger. She yelped a little bit in surprise for her friend and then retreated back behind one of the adults. Sorry Brandon but you were on your own for this one!

It wasn’t long before the Blonde was spotted by another Gnome and her eyes widened in response. Thankfully, before she could scream like a banshee again her Head of House came to her rescue and told the Gnome off. “Thank you Professor Carton she smiled. SEE?! This was why Ravenclaw was clearly the best house. She poked her tongue out at the Gnome as he was sent off flying to who knows where.

To her relief, the Gnomes started all gravitating towards the boy who was shaking the Bertie’s Beans and not targeting defenceless first years anymore. The boy was clearly a seventh year and could handle himself, giving Aurora time to slip behind Professor Carton and pretend to act brave.
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