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Desiree Y. Marchand
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Norman watched the gnome he tossed go flying over the fence until he heard a scream. His dark head whipped around in the direction of the sound, just in time to see Ackerly hide behind Javier. He had to resist the urge to roll his eyes at the tiny gnome snarling at her. That was a bit overly dramatic, wasn’t it? He had half a mind to transform into his animagus form and snarl back at the gnome. Let’s see how he likes it! But he thought a large snarling dog might frighten the students even more than a tiny gnome.

Still someone had to teach that little runt some manners! So he quietly approached the snarling gnome from behind and grabbed it by its ankle. That gnome was about to learn that he was a lot harder to scare than a first year! “Now, now, snarling at students is impolite,” he said in a mock scolding tone, gearing up to toss the gnome over the fence.

Desiree was so glad she’d opted for the dragonhide gloves! She giggled softly to herself as she watched the gnome try and fail to bite her finger. Nice try, Mr. Gnome! She thought. You’re not disfiguring me today! She couldn’t resist waving daintily at the flying gnome as it sailed over the fence. Bye bye, Mr. Gnome!

Hmm, that went better than she thought. Looked like using ballet moves to spin the gnomes around worked, and to Desiree’s surprise, it was actually kind of fun! Okay, who’s next? Her blue eyes scanned the garden in search of her next dance partner. Spotting another ugly potato creature nearby, she grabbed hold of its ankle. May I have this dance, Mr. Gnome?
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