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Originally Posted by Zoe View Post

"You never know," Logan shrugged once more. "It could be possible. Maybe one of us should ask Professor Sayse or Professor Carton." By one of us, he certainly meant Keighley. He already asked enough questions during Charms and Transfiguration (never mind the fact that they were often irrelevant to the lesson being taught).

Munching away, switching from the garlic bread to the sandwich and back again, the Gryffindor thought about his cousin's question. Truth be told, he hadn't thought that far ahead. He had primarily been focused on filling his stomach. "Dunno. Might find something to do with Vasco --" He paused for a moment to chew and swallow. "-- or bother Vera and Sable. Anything that isn't homework, you know. What about you?"

A hand already reaching for another sandwich, though his gaze turned toward Toddles as he started scurrying away. The boy couldn't help but roll his eyes after being called master again. It really didn't sit well with Logan. "I don't understand why they insist on calling us that. I can't even count on my fingers how many times I've said he could call me Logan." No more was said about that, however. He had oodles of bread and sandwiches to eat before he absolutely had to run off to class.
"We could always ask your mum. She might know." Keighley laughed, taking a bite of her sandwich. She never failed to miss a chance at reminding him that cousin Hady was a professor here. Which she absolutely LOVED.

Taking a bite of her sandwich, the blonde let the question sink in when it was tossed back her way. "The correct answer would be get in some studying for my OWLs but I'll probably spend some time with Liv and then some time with Charlie." Separately of course since the girlfriend and the boyfriend can't be around one another. That's what happens when she puts herself in complicated yet very happy relationships.

"It's what they're used to. It doesn't matter how many times you tell them not to." Hogwarts is run a certain way and the house elves follow certain orders whether or not they all agreed with it. Keigh took another bite of her sandwich. At least Toddles seemed like he was happy.
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