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Desiree smiled, quietly humming the next part of What Else Can I Do as she watched the cute little snidget flutter over the red flower. It didn’t seem scared, so after a couple of minutes, she gently reached out a finger - only a single finger because she didn’t want to accidentally hurt it - and pet the snidget’s head. It blinked, and for a minute, she worried she’d scared it. Then it started making happy snidget noises. Asdfjkl!!!! So cute!!! It was all she could do not to squeal at the sheer adorableness!

“Oh, you’re a cute little birdie!” she whispered. The snidget puffed itself up and made more happy noises, as if to say it agreed. She resumed petting, and as she did so, another snidget flew up to the purple foxglove. Ohh, two cute little snidgets! She wondered if this snidget was the first one’s friend? Maybe they were siblings? Boyfriend and girlfriend? Ooh, she hoped it was that one! How romantic would that be?!

“Hello there,” she softly greeted the second snidget. “Would you like some pets too?” Cue the happy snidget noises. She petted the second snidget for a few minutes, just a few so the other one wouldn’t get jealous, then gave the first one another turn. These two need names, she thought as she alternated petting each snidget. She was going to call the first one LIly because the flower that attracted it was a daylily, and the second one… It liked foxglove, but that wasn’t a good name! She thought of names that meant shades of purple. Violet? No. Lavender? Nope!

Then an idea came to her! She remembered that purple was associated with royalty, so what about a royal-themed name, like Queenie or Majesty? Ohh, she liked that one! Majesty it was!
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