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Tapio DeVries

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Hope Archard
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Jane Elspeth Howard

SPOILER!!: Catch Up
"They also used to hunt Snidgets, before they used them for Quidditch. People wanted their golden feathers and bright red eyes, and they nearly became extinct," Hope had added to the discussion, tearing up a little at the thought of all those little birds being killed for...well, for nothing, really. And of all the creatures Hope loved, which was most of them, birds were her very favorite!

Hope couldn't wait to get through the door of the dome, and once there, she carefully opened the mesh door and entered the habitat of the Snidgets. Once there, she stood transfixed. Dozens--it seemed like hundreds of the tiny birds whizzed about through the air, looking like a sky full of fireflies in summer. She really, really wanted to touch one, but she restrained herself, knowing that this might hurt them. "How wonderful they are!" she exclaimed softly.
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