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Aurora had remained fairly quiet over the majority of the questions that the Professor was asking, mostly because she was only a first year and hadn’t read up a lot on magical creatures yet and therefore didn’t actually know the answer to most of the questions. She was more interested in hearing what the other students were saying and only semi taking in all the information whilst she tried to imagine what these little birds looked like.

But then they were suddenly getting up and putting their mats back on the pile to head into the dome. Her eyes lit up as she spotted the flitting around of these tiny golden birds who supposedly used to be used as golden snitches before the invention of the balls. The poor things! Humans were such poopy-heads sometimes. They were however ridiculously fast and it made Aurora think about how they could be caught before the Professor explained the purpose of the flowers and the main activity began.

Of course Aurora picked the brightest pink flower because that was HER colour and if she really loved it that meant that the birds would too clearly! She plucked the flower off, retaining as much of the stem as she could to give as much distance between herself and the Snidget. It wasn’t that she was scared, in fact the birds were so petite and rotund and shiny that she instantly wanted to pet them, it was more a concern for not scaring the Snidget. She approached one near to the entrance of the dome who was minding its own business and with a bright giggle held the flower out for her new friend.

“Hi little cutie!” She spoke, waiting for the Snidget to approach which it did so after a couple of seconds.
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