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This was what she liked best about being a professor. Watching the students get to interact with the creatures they were just learning and asking questions about. Hady also felt that getting to experience something completely hands on made it easier to learn what to do or not do much more effectively than just listening to someone telling you how it should or shouldn't be done. Not always did it work the same way twice either. All creatures, even the very same species were different just like people.

Hady took a moment here and there to stop near each student as they each worked their own little 'magic' on their new 'friends'. She like how each of them were trying their own methods and not doing what everyone else was doing, some were sitting and others standing. Some were being completely silent and others were singing softly. Yet somehow each and every single one of them had managed to get a Snidget to come to them!

"You are all doing fantastic. Keep up the amazing work everyone, all of our Snidget friends here look very comfortable with all of you. We still have about fifteen minutes or so left if want to try other flowers or continuing doing exactly what you are doing now." There was no real need to change anything up if what they were doing already was working for them! Most of them probably weren't paying attention to the time but she would purposely be stopping the lesson a few minutes early this afternoon so that they all could see a nest of newly hatched babies and their mama on their way out. "If anyone has anymore questions or needs any assistance with anything as always I'm right here."

OOC: Heeeeeey! You're all amazing! The students can keep doing what they are doing or try other ways to get the Snidgets to come to them if they like. There's still about 36 hours left until the end of the lesson! xD
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