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Even more round and fluffy?! What an image of cute little snidgets and even more proof that people had been stupid in risking them harm. But that was then and this was now when they were protected so they could enjoy the creatures. And getting friendly with the snidgets…that he could do. Rajesh listened to Professor Paton’s instructions, noting the information on preferences of colors and flowers to help him out. Spotting a few orangey daylily blooms, the Ravenclaw decided to use them as his lure. They certainly fit the tubular shape and bright color.

He moved over to pick them, the facsimile of the real thing and found himself an open space on the floor of the dome. The seventh year wanted them to get closer to him naturally and to him that meant where the flowers they were looking for normally were…closer to the ground. Folding his long legs Indian style, he sat down and casually held out his lilies, quietly and patiently awaiting a reaction from one of the nearby snidgets.

Here pretty bird!
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