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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

It took a minute or two but a particularly round {or maybe it was just Jude’s imagination} planted tiny feet on the wrist of his right hand. Its face was, of course, busy in the direction of the foxgloves; no doubt it was attempting to size up how much nectar it could milk from the flowers. Jude was completely still, afraid to breathe too deeply lest he scare the Snidget away. He was also in awe, the sort of awe he felt when he had first encountered Ned and realised that the cat had chosen him to be its human.

The Snidget eventually pattered a few steps along his hand and this caused Jude to chuckle because he was actually tickled. Immediately he was afraid the bird would take flight. Instead, he was pleasantly surprised when the bird hopped around to face him. “Hi!’’ the Hufflepuff said enthusiastically. “You’re quite gorgeous.” He liked to think that the Snidget already knew this. Perhaps it was the way in which it cocked its head that told him. The look seemed to read ‘tell me something I don’t know!’
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