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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Never would there be a day that passed that she wouldn't be there to cheer him on should he need it. And if he didn't, well she would be in the background waiting and watching in silence. "You're welcome." Keigh smiled brightly. "Thanks, Jude. That sounds like a good idea to me." If she was making more nails out of pipe cleaners while he was putting the nails through the boards, it would save them some time. Once again they were working wonderfully as a team.

Picking up another pipe cleaner, she aimed her wand at it. "Taque!" This was done over and over again until she had about seven or eight more perfect nails that could be used. "Done! What comes next?" Keighley rocked back on her heels, blue eyes turning towards her brother and their makeshift raft to see how it was coming along. So far it was starting to look pretty good to her.

Jude gave his little helper a smile then proceeded to use magic to drive the additional nails into the planks. In no time the two were well secured. “Next, we’ll need some poles. You know… just for your safety.” He was only playfully ribbing Keigh. Even if she fell into the pit, or if he did, then they would simply start all over again. IF he ever made it out of the pit because Jude would like nothing more than to dive in there to have some fun as though he were a three year old again.

“I’ll help you with that. I reckon we’ll need about a dozen? Three for each side would be enough.” Once they were driven into the planks, there wouldn’t be enough space for him nor Keigh to slip through so that meant they wouldn’t be tumbling down from any direction. Grabbing six pieces of materials, Jude set to work with mutters of ‘Palus’ and flicks of the wand.
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