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Professor Gert watched as each of the students gathered up the supplies that were needed, the woman tidying up the boxes when she was sure they all had everything. Vanishing them to her office to be out of the way for the next step in their activities. There was just the waiting until they all seemed to have come up with what they wanted to write and add to their ‘comet’ spheres. She had a feeling that at least one of them had chosen the positive leaning, looking at you Mr. Anders, but that was quite alright. Good omens were what you looked forward to anyway.

“Alright, with that done, go ahead and stick the one end of your dowel into the sphere, which will allow you to move your ‘comet’ a bit easier.” Sure, it started to look like a funny wand, especially with what they were going to add after, but it worked better than just holding them in their hands. “Then you can tie each of the ribbons to the dowel right under the sphere” This would help them make the tail of the comet when she added what she needed later on.

“Finally take out your want, and you’re going to cast the freezing charm on the sphere to encase it in the ice. For those who don’t know it, the incantation is Glacius and the wand movement is sort of like two peaks and a curve underneath.” Both appearing with a flick on the board to show what everyone needed to know.

She was sure to give them plenty of time to accomplish that. “Now once you have everything complete, I want you to get up from your chairs and move to the perimeter of the classroom. “ Time for some visualization of what happens with their subject matter. “Granted, comets have a more elliptical path to follow, but I figured we can fudge it for this. And while we’re all moving,” the professor to the center of the room, “can anyone tell us why comets have tails?”

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