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Hadleigh held the door to the dome open partway, ushering the students inside quickly put careful. Closing the door firmly behind herself once everyone was inside. And then following them all through the mesh opening into the dome itself, she moved back and forth between where the students where wandering to keep an eye on them all as well as keep track of the snidgets.

Almost right away there was a question and honestly, she loved it. It was a wonderful feeling whenever she was teaching a lesson and questions were being asked. It told her that they were curious, they wanted to know more about the creatures. "Snidgets that have just hatched are actually quite round and very puffy. Their newborn feathers however are more downy and soft until they get a little in which they will grow into their roundness a bit more." Hady smiled at Jude.

Bella had Hady's attention with her question next. "They are born with yellow downy feathers that fall out and these gorgeous bright sleek golden ones grown in their place. So in a sense yes and no, they are golden when born but not as bright and shiny as they are when adults." So there wasn't a huge change in their appearance at all as they aged.

"That's a very good question! They actually do have certain flowers that they will go to if that option is available to them. Due to the shape and length of their beaks and their diets, they enjoy tubular flowers such as daylilies, foxgloves, petunias and bee balms." Paton replied warmly to Desiree's question. "They also like bright colors such as reds and oranges."

Hearing what sounded like concern from one of her students, Hady's smile softened as she walked closer towards Brandon before answering him. "Not right this very minute we won't be, no. I will be teaching everyone here how to safely touch one if you like but you do not have to do so if you choose not to." It will be completely up to them and very much so under her watchful eye. No harm will come to any of these Snidgets. "Unlike most other flying creatures their wings can fully rotate three hundred and sixty degrees. This makes it incredibly easy for them to change directions in which they are flying in a split second making them very difficult to catch." Not impossible.. just difficult.

With ever the watchful eye, Hady walked around as the students continued to observe the Snidgets for a few more minutes. "Aright everyone, listen up please. It's time to move on with our lesson. As I mentioned a little earlier in response to Mister Fox's question about getting to touch the Snidget's this will be your chance to do if you like. We will not be capturing them or holding them. So please don't go bouncing around, climbing on things or jumping off of anything to try to reach any of them. I will not allow anything to happen to our visiting creatures." She looked pointedly at each of their faces to make sure they all understood what she was saying and that she was very serious before moving on.

"Now with that being said, I'm sure you're all wondering just how you are going to get to touch them with how fast they are. Well that's what all of these plants and flowers around us are for." There was a brief wave of her arms around them at all the different flowers and plants they had all already had the chance to see. "What you all will be doing in a few moments is selecting a flower or two of your choice OR if you see a snidget near a flower already you can use that one. Go ahead and gently pluck the flower, stem and all so you have something to hold onto. Don't worry we aren't harming anything these are simply decoys to look, feel, and smell like the real kind for our visits while they are here since they aren't staying very long and for this activity." Yes, she knew how some of them felt about harming a flower.

As she explained this, Hady went over to a bright pink tubular shaped flower and gently plucked the stem from the dirt it was growing in. "When you have a flower you can walk around, stand in place or even sit down if you like. Whatever you feel will bring a Snidget to you. You can be quiet, sing softly to them, talk to them, whatever you choose.. see what works best for you, what they choose to come to." Once again she took a brief pause to let all of that sink it. "When a Snidget does come over to enjoy the nectar from a flower you may touch them if you feel comfortable with doing so. Only one or two fingers and start at the top of their heads down their backs. Please do not touch their wings. Do not be frightened if they land on you for a moment or two to take a short rest."

"Go ahead and find a flower or two and wait for a Snidget to come to you. Or bring a flower to a Snidget. Be creative. See what they prefer, what flowers they like best, what colors. Do they like singing, silence or soft spoken words? Are they all different? You may work together in small groups of you like as long as everyone remains calm and careful." She smiled and watched to see what everyone went first.

OOC: Main Activity Time! Select a flower or two, walk around/sit/stand and wait or go to a Snidget and let them drink the nectar from the flower. Students can carefully touch the Snidgets if they like. They may also work alone or in pairs.
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