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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

It was easy to see that Z too was baffled by the socks and shoes thing. It was also easy to deduce that the cousin had no intention of removing either from his feet. At least Hunter would not be alone in this. More than being uncomfortable with it, he was also keeping his hooves shoed because there was no way that he was going to leave being the odd one out.

Hunter didn’t see the harm with having Willow show them around. In any case, Hunter was much more interested in observing the plants. He gave his cousin a reassuring smile. “I’m not knocking it. Not fully at least?” That counted as something… it had to, right? Never mind though; it seemed Willow was completely distracted about being asked to be he and Z’s tour guide. Wait… where did she go? One second she was here then the next she was gone.

“Come on, Z. Let’s go exploring!” Zion need not worry, Hunter would be by his side at all times. “We’re not slowpokes,’’ he replied somewhat grumpily, having heard Willow and saw her head. Flutterby Bushes! Hunter loved those! Excuse him as he was practically jogging over to Willow, Z!
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