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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
This Hufflepuff right here really liked Toddles. She knew that when it came to garlic bread, they were going to be getting the best there was. Not to mention sandwiches and hot cocoa too. This was snack heaven and she was such to be stuffed afterwards but wasn't that the point?

Keighley sat down at one of the tables as they waited for Toddles to return (not that the adorable little house elf would take long). "I really don't know where you put it all, Logan. If I ate even close to the amount of food that you ate.. I'd be sick all of the time." His daily consumption of food was likely how much food she ate in three days. Yes, yes, she got that he was a 'growing boy' and all that.. but still!

When Toddles returned with a large platter piled high with food, Keigh smiled thankfully at him. "This is amazing, Toddles! Thank you so much!" Were they really meant to eat all of this? Okay, they would eat it all but that was only because she had her cousin with her.
Originally Posted by Zoe View Post
Seconds after the words were spoken, the blond watched the little elf disappear to make the necessary snack preparations. Logan was always a fan of how speedy the school elves were, but Toddles in particular was probably his favourite elf. No questions were asked whenever he wandered into the kitchen with a food request, and he was always given more than what was needed.

The third year joined his cousin and sat down at the table, chuckling at her comment. "You and everyone else have the same thoughts," he responded with a shrug. "Even I don't know how I do it. Maybe it's the result of an Undetectable Extension Charm of some sort." The odds of that were unlikely, but his stomach seemingly being a bottomless pit may lead one to briefly consider such a thing.

In no time at all (How long had that been? Just a few minutes?), a feast was placed before them. The boy's blue eyes widened with glee and both hands instantly inched toward the platter, one hand grabbing a piece of garlic bread and the other a sandwich. "Mmm. You're the best, Toddles," Logan managed to thank the house-elf with his mouth full of food.
Toddles beamed toothily. “Welcomes welcomes!” Toddles bowed. Such praise and gratitude! Toddles found this rewarding. He bent his upper half in a low bow. “Toddles will be over there baking chocolate muffins should master and missus need anything else.” Nodding furiously so that his ears flapped once more Toddles trotted away before Logan could object to being called master yet again.
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