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The Ravenclaw knew that it went without actually her saying anything that Professor Paton felt just as bad as he about the rough treatment of the golden snidgets. He doubted most if not all of his classmates felt the same way. Which was why Rajesh understood why they were mostly just observing the creatures which he was more than willing to do and limit himself to. The seventh year certainly didn’t want to risk harming the creatures even if he was gentle with them.

With no mat in his possession, he simply moved into the dome with the rest of the class, slipping through the mesh curtain when they were all in and it was safe to do so. Here the golden snidgets were clearly in their glory…almost their element seeing as they didn’t normally reside in a darkened dome. The poofy birds flittering and fluttering around the dome without a real care in the world. Raj heard his classmates’ questions and had to admit he was curious about the responses, though there was one thing he already knew as he wandered off to one side, his gaze taking in one or two of the creatures more closely.

The makers of snitches certainly got the duplication of their inspiration’s movements down to a t.
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