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Norman remained on the sidelines, closely observing the groups’ progress. Dhruv’s team was still hard at work on their transfigurations, and it looked like the Anders siblings had decided to build a raft.He couldn’t wait to see how that strategy turned out. Another plan he was eager to see in action? Adara-Stark’s pole-swinging idea. Now that should be interesting! As his bluish-green eyes scanned the area, he momentarily glanced at Marylin and his other colleagues. Would any other professors be joining the game?

So far none of the groups had successfully got a person across the ball pit, but there was plenty of time for that to change. Plenty of time to win! “All groups are neck and neck so far!” he announced. “Still plenty of time to win - or to jump into the game if you wish!”

OOC: I’ll keep this rp going until a winner is determined or until the end of the term, whichever happens first.
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