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Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post

Today was a day for surprises. While Blake’s grin wasn’t one of those {since those grins had been encountered numerous times at Hogwarts by her; he was always one of those humans who had a spring in their step}, the fact that he actually hugged her was. Claudine from five years ago would have reacted very negatively to this but she liked to think she had matured in recent years. So, instead of hexing Blake, Claudine simply returned his hug.

Maybe they both had matured and no longer had a problem with each other’s existence.

“No problem. You can stay here. It’s not like I’m going to fight with you.” Claudine laughed, thinking back to their earlier days. The silly shenanigans they got into with each other! It was embarrassing that she could have ever been so mean. “After graduation from Hogwarts, Heath and I moved to Canada to attend University. But we’ll be moving back here afterwards.” Graduation from Wizarding University will be happening soon! “I plan on working at the Scamander Zoo and I’m looking forward to being back full time in a few months.” Claudine hugged herself thinking how happy she was about the prospective future. “Tell me all about what you’ve been up to, Blake! I just can’t believe how long it’s been since I saw you.”
Okay the awkward side hug went well - he should have pushed his lucked for a full hug .. but maybe that wouldn't have gone over as well. He couldn't help smiling at how much both seemed to have changed since graduation. "The Scamander Zoo? That's awesome" he loved the zoo, really that's where he should have gone today instead of the memorial, but then again, he wouldn't be here with Claudine then either. Fate had it's way about it.

"Who's Heath?" Blake blurted it out before he even thought about it, wait did he know Heath? He racked his brain trying to come up with it, he could barely remembered what he did yesterday let alone another person from his Hogwarts years.

"I went to the US for university." He added with a smile, realizing how close yet very far away they were during universyt from the US to Canada. "I studied posinous herbs and fungi, I could probably find 10 ways to kill you in this garden" He added giggling - and then realizing that herbs and fungi were probably not that cool and he really still was a nerd. "Not that I would..." He added awkwardly at the end. "I just moved back - I graduated a semester early and am here for an interview." His cheeks flushed .. would that ever go away either?
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