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SPOILER!!: Happy Thoughts
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
Jude was ridiculously pleased with himself; it couldn’t be helped. But he was modest enough to just offer Gert a smile in response to her words to his answers. When it came to her offering further explanation, he made his notes carefully. These obviously would come in very handy for his NEWT studies. Also, he certainly hoped that he’d be around to catch a glimpse of Halley’s Comet in 2137!

The seventh year was quite sure that most myths surrounding the arrival of a comet meant that unfavourable things were about to happen. But being the positive soul that he was, Jude decided to go a different route. “In some cultures, it is believed that the arrival of a comet could foretold the birth of someone who would be prominent. The good sort of prominent. I guess that means this person would be a decent and famous human.”
Originally Posted by PhoenixRising View Post
What was all this talk about comets being connected to bad omens? Apollo frowned as he recalled what a comet was ... A ball of gas released when passing close to the sun. Although at least Jude seemed to have the right idea about it foretelling something good.

"I'm with him.... Jude." He thumbed over at his fellow seventh year. "I think comets can be good. I mean by definition they're a body that warms up and releases gases. Usually when something is released, it feels good. So i think it being the bearing of good news and positive omens makes sense."

Professor Gert has settled back against her desk as she awaited responses, her arms crossed loosely in front of her. Much as expected, Jude was one of the first to answer, talking of comets supposedly heralding the births of people. “Aye...that is one example,” she remarked with a nod in agreement.

It seemed the older students in the lesson were leaning towards the positive messages of the comet as Apollo agreed with his fellow seventh year. “An interesting take, Mr. Adara-Stark," And she could see where he was going with it, a warm feeling usually cozy and comforting and thus positive...unless its a fever. "Though given comets are partly ice and the warming would melt them...the loosing of a part of themselves could be seen as negative."

SPOILER!!: soothsayers
Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
Brandon took the professor's smile with trepidation. Half right was not right enough. However, since the question was not easy, and he hadn't been the most wrong, he figured it was okay. He reminded himself that this was Hogwarts, and not home, and you didn't get in trouble for being half-wrong.

His focus turned to his notes, where he carefully wrote down what he'd learned about comets. Comets were made up of ice and gas. They had wide orbits, like Halley's comet.

Next question. It was also pretty hard. "Aren't comets also sometimes seen as an omen? And bringers of bad news?" He didn't believe in things like that, but he wasn't sure that it wasn't true. He didn't know much about astronomy
Originally Posted by Lissy Longbottom View Post
As the term came to a close, Nancy had determined that she actually really liked astronomy. There was just something so cool about space and how it just went on and on forever, and all the weird things they found out there. Like planets with rings and now comets...and they hadn't even gotten into the cool stuff like black holes or asteroids and all that!

She raised her hand. "Well, people in ancient civilizations didn't really know what comets were or why they appeared, so when they saw them, they usually got really worried that the end of the world was coming, or some other equally devastating doomsday event," she explained. It made sense. You're just minding your business and suddenly, a light appears in the sky that isn't usually there? Made sense they'd assume the worst.
Originally Posted by MadMadamMalfoy View Post
Desiree listened as Professor Gert spoke again. The more she heard, the more confused she became. She couldn’t help but notice that the professor didn’t say anything about comets’ elliptical orbit paths. Did that mean she was wrong to think that was a difference between comets and meteors? She was glad she didn’t give that answer for the last question!

While she had no idea how to answer the last question, the mention of Halley’s comet reminded her of something relevant to this one. She remembered a long ago museum trip with her grandparents; there had been a tapestry depicting Halley’s comet. But what did the museum guide say about it? After several moments racking her brains, she tentatively raised her hand and said, “People once thought the 1066 appearance of Halley’s comet was a bad omen predicting the Norman conquest of England. The comet appears on a tapestry from that time period.”

Was that anywhere close to answering the question? She didn’t know, but she was slightly more confident than she was about the last one!

Brandon was the first to offer that it might be a more negative connection. “Exactly, Mr. Fox,” she answered him. “While there are some positive beliefs in the appearance of a comet in the sky, they are more commonly believed to be warning of bad events, or omens. ” They were definitely an example on different perspectives showing different things, especially when most were merely coincidence.

At Nancy’s raised hand, Celeste acknowledged her and listened, nodding in agreement as the badger expanded on her housemate’s answer. “A perfect example of fearing that which you do not know. Quite similar to the fact that early people believed solar eclipses to be the end of the world before they knew that the sun wasn’t blocked out permanently.”

And then the four year Hufflepuff rounded it all out with a specific example. “Quite right, Ms. Marchand,” she remarked. “While the astronomer’s believe the comet named for Halley has been around for over 2000 years, that is it’s most notorious appearance in the sky. The tapestry in question, the Bayeux tapestry is the earliest depiction of it. “

And with that, they were ready to move on, the woman straighten from her desk and stepping to the side so the boxes upon its wooden surface were fully seen once more. “For the mini activity, I want you to come up and pick up the following items from the boxes here,” she started, removing the lids with a wave of her hand before giving a flick of her wand at the board behind her desk where the following list appeared.

1 foam sphere with a cylinder cut out of the center
1 foot-long dowel
Small roll of parchment
3-5 different color ribbons
“Once you have everything and return to your seats, I want you to write either a happy prediction or a bad omen upon the parchment,” she instructed. “All made up so no one has to worry about anything bad happening to them.” She didn't want them thinking on such things, especially with sleep shortly around the corner. "Finally, when you're satisfied with what you have written, roll it up and slip it inside of the center of the foam ball"

(ooc: Great job so far. We'll move on to the main activity in 3 days to give time to be creative and if you want to break it up into more than one post)
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