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Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
No worries, Keigh! Big bro understood you one hundred percent!

“Alrightey, that’s settled.” And it would distract him and continue with the charade that he was one hundred percent fine. Because while he hadn’t let on that he was having another moment of his insecurities bugging him, said insecurities certainly were. Jude followed Keigh over to gather the materials. He selected practically multiple of each that Carton had put there.

“Here we go.” The older Hufflepuff selected a newspaper, flattening it out on the ground before him while on his knees. Then he sat back on his heels, wand in hand. “Temran Madera!” The newspaper immediately began to change, expanding and widening until Jude deemed it was wide enough for both him and his sister. Then he flattened another newspaper over that and repeated the process until the second matched the length and width of the first. “Now I’ll just nail these two together…” But first he’d need nails! “Want to help with some nails as well, Keigh? They’ve got to be long enough to stick through both planks.”
Such an easily excitable girl she is!

And agreeable! They always worked so well together as a team there wasn't any reason for her not to agree. Plus, her brother had the best ideas. She truly thought he was brilliant and would gladly sit for hours telling him so. Like now, if she knew he was having a down moment, she would be building that boy right back up until she was sure he would topple over from greatness.

The fifth year watched Jude perfectly work his magic on the newspapers until they had two planks big enough for them to kneel on. "Those look perfect!" She smiled brightly at him, nodding her head and kneeling down beside him. "Sure. Do you think these would work?" In her hand were several small pipe cleaners.

Taking out her wand and aiming it at one of the pipe cleaners. "Taque!" It took a try or two before it worked the way she intended it to but soon enough she had a nail that could be used to hold their planks together. "How's this?"
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