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Evan was Evan, and perhaps his name should have been synonymous with the word 'oblivious' - at the very least most of the time time.

When Jude was graduated they could certainly have their own adventures as well. There was some time before he started school again, though Ev supposed he would be anxious to spend more time with his boyfriend and Keighley before she returned to school without him come the fall. Siblings going back after graduation was possibly the hardest part of the transition to adulthood. A soft snort as he took a bite of his food. "You have a good point. I'd say we all certainly deserve breaks." Wizarding school was rough with all it's dangers. "I'm glad this term sounds like a little bit of a break for the Hogwarts students as well." Still seemed too good to be true but... As long as it did remain true, the former Ravenclaw was glad that just meant there wasn't a ton of reasons to be nervous for the people he'd had to leave behind. For the time being. Sera was pretty good company and he was glad she'd asked to join him. It was perhaps the help of not full isolation that kept him from being too hard on himself. "Yeah, it's been a lot of fun. She definitely pushed me occasionally to also do things outside of my comfort zone, but that's been true since school days." Even if they hadn't hung out a whole lot. While it was certainly true he didn't HAVE to have decisions made within the year, it was the deadline he'd given himself and he kind of liked to have those. Just... Floating aimlessly for more than a year would have him far too lost. "I suppose but... I'd like to be doing something by fall. I have a few back up ideas so if I can't figure out what sounds the best... I might just.. go for something."

He would always be a vocal enabler about shepherd's pie, except for perhaps in this moment considering his mouth was too full with the rather large bite he had just helped himself too, so this time he settled for a thumbs up. "Maybe. Probably. There's still just complicated feelings for me associated with the school, even if I've dealt with a lot of it. Not being in the halls though has certainly lowered the nightmares." only lowered, considering they sometimes still surfaced when he spent time with Noah. "Please, I couldn't have been that good of a partner." he replied, though he was a bit pleased too his own presence was also missed. He laughed at that and gave a small shrug. "Should have tried harder to tank my NEWTs I suppose." he teased, a sip of his water too. It was sweet the Anders cared to inquire after him too, and he smiled fondly at that piece of information before chuckling at Reagan's news too. "Hopefully Koen is having just as much fun with that." Although the eldest Anders gave him the vibe he absolutely would. "Have you and she already had your WADA auditions or do you have a date scheduled already?"

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