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SPOILER!!: Responses
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
Jude would be inclined to agree with Escalante: those had been some great answers. He made mental notes, suspecting that the majority of them would come in handy for whatever today’s lesson entailed. Speaking of which… it seemed that they would be mixing spellwork with flying?

Okay, so two questions to think about there. As he did so, Jude’s eyes tracked over to the chest again. Would they have to defend themselves from whatever was in there using spells? “If you’re spell casting, you need to make sure that you’re aiming correctly. Wouldn’t want to hit your team mates or even a rival team member. It would probably be wise to get as close as possible as you can to the target to prevent that.”
“Aim is important,” Kennedy agreed. “Depending on what kind of spell you’re casting it can cause great trouble if you accidentally hit someone else.” Of course, they’d be safe here, but out in the real world, they couldn’t count everywhere to be cushioned and with a professor at the ready.

Originally Posted by MadMadamMalfoy View Post
Spellcasting while flying? Well, this just got interesting! Was that what they were doing today? If so, Desiree was so up for it! She may not be the best flier in the school, but she was rather good at spells, especially charms.

She listened with rapt attention as Professor Escalante went on. As soon as she heard the question, her thoughts turned to the previous one. It seemed like focus could be an answer for this question too, specifically the ability to focus on more than one thing at a time. She raised her hand and said, "When spellcasting while flying, you'd need to be able to multitask. If you're concentrating too much on the flying part, you could miss your target. If you're too wrapped up in the casting, you're not paying attention to where you're going, and you could hurt someone."

As for a situation in which spellcasting might be useful, she thought for a minute. "Spellcasting might be useful for flying at night; you could use spells to help you see."
Desiree made a great point. “Multitasking is an important skill to develop for this same reason.” It wouldn’t do if you cast and crash. Nope.

Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
...Spellcasting and flying at the same time? That sounded awful to Brandon. He could see why it would be necessary, but he never ever wanted to deal with that.

Of course, he'd be dealing with it today. He sighed, but didn't complain. Brandon never complained. "There could be an emergency. A crash, a broom problem, or even someone trying to hurt you on purpose." That last one was the scariest. But he didn't want the other two happening to him, either.

Desiree was totally right about looking where you were going! "I think it's important to make sure that you're physically safe. From falling, or crashing. Most spells wouldn't be worth casting if you can't do that."
“Very well, Brandon. Casting when you’re flying comes in handy in the case of an emergency.” Kennedy has had his fair share of experiences. As for Brandon’s second comment, Kennedy nodded in agreement. “Decision-making is important. Sometimes casting isn’t worth it.”

The students were on the right track, so Kennedy moved on. “As mentioned by many of you, aim, focus, alertness and decision-making all play a part on today’s topic,” he said. “If it isn’t obvious, you will all be practicing to cast and fly simultaneously. Before we get into that, you’re going to practice balancing on a broom with one hand. This is your time to test your boundaries and challenge your limits. You may go as fast and as slow as you would like--of course, with good reason and be mindful of your classmates.” He wasn’t shy about taking house points if they recklessly crashed into a classmate.

Kennedy had zero tolerance on that.

“I would also like to encourage you to challenge yourself. This is the time and place to do that. If you fall from your broom the ground is charmed, and of course, I’m here to make sure you’re safe.” Putting that out there for the more anxious minds.

“I’d like you all to come and grab a broom. If you brought your own, perfect. Once you have your broom you have permission to begin.”

OOC: Hello! Mini activity time. The students will fly one-handley and do their best to keep balance in the air. You may be as creative and true to your character. Just no dying or breaking bones, lol. Kennedy is extremely watchful and his former Auror instincts still kick in. Happy RPing! <3 I will do my best to post at around 24-ish hours. <3
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