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SPOILER!!: Responses
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
If Jude hadn’t decided to make a career out of performing arts, he’d have definitely chosen something in the Astronomy field. The subject was a natural for him and always made him happy. He almost felt bad about putting it on the back burner in his life. At least there was another lesson for him to enjoy in the meanwhile.

“Good evening, Professor!’’ the seventh year chirped in greeting. The pictures stuck to the walls could not be missed, and he found himself quite mesmerised by the movements. But no, he wouldn’t be staring at them for too long, if you're wondering. There was no surprise on his part when he noted the boxes. Professors and their boxes seemed to be a trend for this academic year.
A certain Hufflepuff made his appearance in the classroom not too long after she had opened it up to await her students. No surprise there. It would have been a bigger surprise for her had Mr. Anders NOT been the very first student through the door for the latest lesson. “Guid evening, Mr. Anders,” she said, returning the seventh year’s greeting. One of her best students that had certainly taken her up on all the expeditions she had put together to catch the various meteor showers through the winter.

Originally Posted by Waddles View Post
Learning was all well and good, but Sophia absolutely preferred the nights when she could just hang out with her friends after supper. Astronomy wasn't too bad, she supposed, but she wished it could be in the daytime. She'd had a long day, and now she was sleepy. But instead of a nice relaxing evening of studying and chatting, she had to go to class...and stay awake during class.

The first year stifled a yawn on her way into the classroom. "Hello, Professor Gert," she said, her voice unusually cheerful as she tried to compensate for the yawn. She eyed some of the photos on the wall as she made her way to her seat, but didn't pay too much attention. Frankly, the night skies all looked the same to her, unless there were clouds.

As she settled into her seat, she stretched her arms overhead, sighed, and propped her chin up with her forearm.
Astronomy and yawning was something Celeste was very familiar with. What with usually having to wait until mother nature decided to grace the darkened skies with her life’s work. So, she never begrudged her students when she heard them…. unless it got too disruptive. Though with her experience, she usually had the foresight to make sure to take a nap beforehand, especially when needing to be awake in the wee hours of the morning. “Hello Ms. Svensson,” she greeted the first year. At least the girl should be grateful she didn’t have all her classes at midnight like her own professors had been prone to do.

Originally Posted by MadMadamMalfoy View Post
Desiree was so glad for the change in weather! The chilly winter temperatures combined with the nighttime hours always made her want to burrow into a blanket fort and go to sleep! Fortunately there was no such sleepiness tonight as she made her way to the astronomy tower. The first thing she noticed upon stepping inside was the charmed pictures along the walls. She stared at one of the pictures until she saw what looked like a shooting star streaking across the page. Ooh, pretty!

The second thing she noticed? The hooting sound coming from the rafters. Oh hello, Mr. Owl, she thought, looking up to see if she could spot the owl. Speaking of which, was Professor Gert going to turn into an owl tonight too? That would be so cool! A lot cooler than turning into a wombat anyway. Owls were beautiful, dignified creatures; all wombats did was eat and burrow under things.

“Hello, Professor Gert,” she greeted with a cheery smile. As she did so, she noticed the boxes on the professor’s desk. Ooh, what was in there? Eager to find out, she took her seat and greeted the other students who arrived before her (Jude & Sophia) with a friendly wave.
The pictures she had chosen for tonight’s inspiration had gotten the attention of everyone, but the latest badger arrival certainly was caught in their web. Hamish seemed to have gotten her attention too from his perch watching Celeste as if trying to get her to follow him up. No, your professor was remaining human this evening, having never mastered the art of teaching as a raptor. “Hello Ms. Marchand,” she returned with a smile of her own.

Eventually glancing at her watch and at the gathered students, Professor Gert figured it was about time to begin. “Now I noticed these beautiful pictures around the room have gotten your attention. And at first glance, they might appear as if they are ones that I might have taken on our campout during the Ursid meteor shower in December.” The arching balls of light mirroring the curvature of the earth. And she had taken photos then through the various telescopes that had been set up.

“However, they aren’t even the same type of celestial object. These are all pictures of comets that I’ve either taken myself over the years or brought in from earlier showings.” Some of them did show their age as she had pulled them from archives to show a couple of the comets that hadn’t made it to earth in recent times for updated artwork. A shame really.

“Now I would like you all to tell me…what are the differences between a meteor and a comet.”

(ooc: Class has begun. Feel free to jump in even if you haven't previously posted, just dont RP them arriving unless you want consequences of being late. We'll move on in about 48 hours)
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