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Finn didn't think his bag had ever had so many books stuffed into it at once. He supposed maybe it had, when he'd bought them all, but he remembered he hadn't bought all these textbooks at once, so that couldn't be true either. As he scoped out the table situation in the library, Finn made his way to a table that would be big enough for all three of the Clarke triplets. He didn't see either of his sisters, which meant he was the first one.

Which was maybe a little surprising, if you considered how he was possibly the least stressed about their upcoming O.W.L.s. But only because he'd started studying in September, thanks to some questionably good advice from an older student.

Finn dropped the heavy bag on the floor next to a chair and dropped himself into the chair. He glanced around again, just double-checking for any other redheads, then pulled out a sheaf of paper and started rifling through his notes.
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