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Desiree beamed when Professor Paton complimented her outfit. ”Thank you, Professor,” she replied with a twirl. She knew the twirl wouldn’t be as dramatic and swishy as it would be if she were wearing a skirt, but it would show off more of the flower and butterfly pattern.

She had just enough time to acknowledge Jude’s wave with a friendly smile before the lesson began. Ooh, nice nail color! She’d have to remember to compliment him on it later. For now, she peered at the dome behind the professor, trying to make out the creatures inside, but it was too dark. Her thoughts initially turned to something nocturnal, but other people had already said that. Why else might the creatures need the dome?

The more she looked at that dome, the more it strangely reminded her of her brother. That dome looked like somewhere Adam would hang out! He tended to like dark, quiet places because he was really shy around people. Maybe the creature was like him? Deciding that guess was as good as any, Desiree raised her hand and said, “Maybe the creature is shy and feels more comfortable somewhere dark and quiet?” Yeah, she had no idea!
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